Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photography Business!!

SOooo. I finally came up with a name for my photography business. It is "Danielle Trista Photography". The Trista sounds like "treestu", just in case you were wondering. Most people when they see it they say, " trysta"? The "i", when they pronounce it, sounds like a the "i" in snicker. brother and I are working on my new website, so in a couple of months I will put a link so you can view it. : ) I will also have a new blog which will be linked to my website. Oh i'm sooo excited!! Okay gotta go to bed now!!

Farewell 'till next post,


Alright, a blog post sometimes is boring without any pictures, right?

These are a few pics of my little sisters. This one right here is pretty funny because she was actuall cringing, because she saw a worm. : )

This photo was actually for a photography assignment. It was really fun. She was making "soup" in the flower pot, and I guess it must have not tasted very good, because here she is dumping it out. : ) Enjoy!

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