Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can't think of a title...

Well folks, I'm trying do a better job blogging, but right now things are crazy at my house (as you know if you read the previous post). I'm also trying to create my photography website and redo my blog. Sounds like enough things to do, right?
Lately...scratch that...for quite a while now, I've wanted to turn this blog into more of my personal blog and have another blog devoted to my photography.
Besides wanting to have a blog devoted to just photography, I've also desired to improve my writing skills, and post things about daily life, maybe some projects I'm working on....similar to a journal that everyone can look at and maybe be blessed by something I wrote, or learn a lesson about life, etc.
It would be better to not have the two combined, just because I think it would be too much to have my photography business blog combined with my personal blog. (if ya know what I mean)
SOoooo....now that that's all out, how 'bout a picture. :D

This picture is from quite a while ago, because I have not picked up my camera in.....wow, it's been over a week!!!! I'd better go take pictures of something. :) Maybe some kiddos, or maybe some flowers, something in nature....



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