Saturday, November 6, 2010

{Cassia: 8 yrs old}

My sister Cassia just turned 8 on Monday, November 1st. She is a wonderful sister and she brings such pizazz into our family's life. :D Anyone who spends just a couple hours with her will know that she has 5 older brothers. ;) While being a girly girl, she also is quite the daredevil, especially with gymnastic type stunts. She has never taken gymnastics, yet she can do a perfect cartwheel, and she can even do a headstand and then let go and balance for a few seconds! She's quite a hoot! She also has the potential to be a pretty good dancer as well!! She's one talented little girl, that's for sure!!
In some of these pictures I took of her, I had to stop and look again, because she looks SO grown up!!! We straightened her hair for the shoot because she loves to have it straightened, but her hair is naturally really really curly! :D So, now that you know a little about her, take a look at the pictures!!!

She has been wanting to learn the piano for a long time, so I've been teaching her a little bit.


  1. adorable pictures of your sister!

    she's a mini-Danielle, and has a great role model in you!!

  2. I LOVE the one of her by the (what looks like) window light where she's staring solemnly into the camera - soooo cute!!! All of these are beautiful, Danielle!


  3. Thank you, girls!!!

    and, yes, Christa, it is window light. :) I <3 window light!!!