Friday, November 12, 2010


The other night I was at our house in Dover (Illinois not Delaware) (where our family is moving to in January), and I looked out the window and saw this!!!!!

The colors were so vibrant and beautiful!!! I ran out with my camera of course to try to capture it! Of course, it looked SO much more beautiful than these pictures can portray, but at least it gives you a little glimpse of the glorious beauty!

This song by Chris Tomlin comes to mind when I look at these pictures, "Holy is the Lord, GOD Almighty. The earth is FILLED with His glory."

This is another part of the sky as I looked over the cornfields. The purples were so pretty!!!

I hope your weekend is wonderful and restful!!!! I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow with a friend so I'm sure you'll see pictures in the next few weeks!!!!

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  1. gorgeous, Danielle! I love how God - the Master Artist - paints. Thanks for sharing...they definitely were a blessing to my heart!