Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A couple of weeks ago on our way to church, we passed by a refinery type place. As we went by, my little sister Cassia saw the billows of smoke and steam that was coming out ot the tall smoke stacks and exclaimed, "Oh! So that's how they make clouds!!". :D
I thought that was pretty funny!! We quickly explained to her how clouds are really made, so no worries. :p

I took these two pictures of Cassia last summer.

The younger boys have been working on some puzzles lately. This one is a Thomas Kinkade one that is 1,000 pieces. It is really pretty!

On Sunday, I attempted to make some chocolate cookies. I had never made them before, but they ended up turning out pretty well. All the cookies I made that night were gone before the night was over. :)

Leftover Candy Canes from Christmas that have been slowly and mysteriously disappearing. Hmmmm.....:P

Little dancin' girly

C'mon, just ONE more smile...please?????

Say CHEESE!!!! ;) I did not tell her to smile!! I just was trying out different things with my speed flash so I plopped her in a chair and told her just to look at the camera. She didn't even need to smile for goodness sake!! ;) Just kidding, I LOVE this smile!!

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  1. Dannielle, I Love you photos. You truly have a gift. My daughter is a student at Timothy Christian in Elmhurst. We were recommended to you by a friend that was part of your home school group. I can't think of her name. But I'm sure you know who I'm referring to, my daughter is asleep or I would ask her. Anyway, I would like to see if you can help with some head shots for my daughter Samantha. Or maybe something a little more creative. We are (I mean She is) working on her first Single. And we need to get photos for the Album Cover. I'm wondering if you'd be interested in that. Also in August we are planning a sweet 16 and will need a photographer. So let me know. My name is Bertha you can reach me on my Cell (773)879-7346 or via email @ Hope to talk to you soon.
    Be Blessed