Friday, February 19, 2010


The other day, I decided to count how many outfits bitty bumpkins (one of my nicknames for Gabi) would change into before lunch. She only changed two times, which I was very surprised about. Usually we will walk by her one minute, and then the next time we see her she's in a different outfit!! My mom said I used to do that so maybe that's where she got it from. ;) Or maybe it's just that little girls like to play dress-up.
So here's bugaboo (another of my many nicknames for her) in the outfit that I gave her to put on, at the start of the day.
I don't know what it is about this picture, but I really like it.

Gabi and big bro Phil (otherwise known as Bobo, or Philly)

A VERY rare moment of stillness!!

Here's the second outfit. :-)
Don't worry!!!! We do not promote violence at our house!! Honest! We have five boys around the house so there are plenty of nerf guns lying around. ;-) I guess she gets it from them. There are a couple more, but since she was pointing the gun straight at the camera, I figured, I'd better not risk it.

Her third outfit before lunch, and here's big brother Jon helping put her headband back on.

You know, one would think that you should wear winter clothing in the winter, but this little person wears all sorts of combinations of things, and she doesn't seem to get cold at all!!! At least now she actually wears clothing!!!! When she was really little, she would be running around in a diaper when it was below freezing outside.

Eatin' a very large carrot!!

Oh, and don't worry. We make sure that she is properly dressed before we go anywhere or if we are having guests!!!! ;-)


  1. these are gorgeous picture, Danielle! Your little sister is soooo cute :-)

  2. I love these Danielle! the lighting in them is so gorgeous, and her eyes are so sparkly. I love that one of her with Phil ~ sister/brother pictures are so sweet. =) And the 'rare moment of stillness' pictures is SO adorable!

    Great job...these make me smile. You are blessed to have such a sister as Gabi, and she is so blessed to have such a sister as you. =)


  3. Thank you, girls!!!! Yes, I am very blessed to have her as a sister!!