Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Pictures

These pictures are the first ones that I took with my first camera, my Nikon D40. My mom and I had gone to the store and bought the camera earlier that day. As soon as I got home, I hurried to find the little ones find matching clothing and then we went in the backyard and took lots of pictures. :)

These ones of Stevie are from last spring I think.

After about 5 minutes of shooting, "Can we PLEASE be done now?!"

Oops, sorry about the mixed up order of photos, now these are back to the first time.

Somebody's excited!!!


  1. The D40 is powerful ~ ok, so I have the D40x but it is pretty much the same. =) And I know that other cameras might be more powerful, but not unless you know how to operate it and harness the power!

    Anyhow...you took some great pictures with it! That first picture is sooooo cute. I love it!

  2. Ruth Ann,

    I hope you don't think I was saying anything bad about the D40!!!
    I definitely think that the D40 is a great camera!!!

    <3 you!!!

  3. noooooo girl. that's not what I meant or thought you meant. =)

    {sigh} it's been a long day and I really should be in bed because my thinking and discerning capability is probably in the negative right now. =)

    anyhow, I was just saying that the D40/D40x can do a whole lot, and is very powerful even though it is on the 'entry' end of the spectrum of Nikon d-SLRs. It also depends on the person too ~ cause understanding the camera lends a huge part in how the pictures turn out. Soooo, I do love my D40x, cause that's what I have. But I would love to upgrade as soon as the Lord allows it. =) But I also realize that the pictures I take are dependant on Jesus Christ showing me the beauty, and not just my camera...so I choose to be content!

    {smiles} love you too!

  4. You are the best & you have such great subjects!

  5. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! The 6th one of the little girl is so precious! I just got your friend request on facebook--thanks! The regency ball was so much fun. Thanks to your whole family for doing it!

  6. Awesome photos!! I love the first one, it is soooo cute!!! :) Thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog! I love hearing from other photogs!! I think that's so cool you're the oldest of 8! I'm the 5th of eight...but we're pretty much the same age. :)