Wednesday, February 3, 2010


On Sunday, I did a photo shoot with a lovely young lady, and had a wonderful time shooting pictures of her. She is very comfortable in front of the camera, and is extremely photogenic. We went to two different locations, and though it was FREEZING cold outside we hopped outside for a second to grab some outdoor shots. For it being about 15 degrees out, she did a wonderful job of not looking cold!! :)
She is recording her first album, and I am very excited for her!!! I was very honored to photograph pictures for her album cover, and I know that she is an excellent singer, and will do very well.
Here are the photos all completely finished!! Have fun!!!

God bless you Samantha, and may God use you to bless others through your music!!

Isn't she gorgeous?!?!!!!!

This picture is probably one of my top favorites!


  1. Beautiful photos! I am the least photogenic person I know, and I need publicity photos for the cover of my novels and promotional materials. I could have 100 shots and only like 4-5. I am so grateful for Photoshop!

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    Thank you!!
    Next time you need pictures taken I'll do them for you. :)