Sunday, February 14, 2010

{Valentines Day}

Sooooooo, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaaand, just because, here's a picture of your's truly. ;-) It's a little scary looking, but hey! This morning, I bundled up and went to try to take some pictures of the sunrise (which by the way did NOT turn out, way too many trees), so here is a picture of me all bundled up. In my brother's sweatshirt, and my mom's hat. :P
The rest are some pictures from the kids making valentines for their friends

So, I tried sprinkling hearts all over the piano and it sort of worked, but some of the hearts went down in between the keys. :( I sure hope they don't cause too much damage!

Here's bitty girl makin' some valentines too.

Stephen, and Cassia had made some really cute valentines for a couple of their neighborhood pals, and when they gave them out they were so excited. I was pretty disappointed to find out that the boys that they gave them to, were laughing at them, and saying "who cares about valentines"!!!!!! They had been so excited about it, and were being very thoughtful and then were made fun of. Well, I certainly think that valentines do matter, because they show that someone cares about you, especially homemade valentines!!!! I think I'm going to make them some cookies or go get them a special treat to make up for what happened! :)

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  1. sweet pictures, girl! I <3 <3 the fifth one (of the little hearts making a big one :) and the last piano key one [a.m.a.z.i.n.g.]