Saturday, February 20, 2010

{Wedding Pictures}

Last summer we went to a friend's wedding, and of course I brought my camera!! :) These are just a few that I took. She's from a family of nine kids, and we've known them since I was born. They are a wonderful family!!!

Here are most of the bridesmaids. All of them are her sisters, except for the girl third from the left (although, I guess now she is her sister-in-law) :)
Then there are two more bridesmaids further to the right and one of them is her sister, and the other is her sister-in-law. Aren't they all such a gorgeous bunch!!!!! The girl on the far left is one of my best friends, and she is so gorgeous, and just a fun person to be around!

This is her adorable neice!!

These are her brothers, and just so y'all know, my mom took this one. ;)

I absolutely L.O.V.E.D her dress!!!!!


Aaaaand, to finish it off, here's one of them dancing. Aren't they just soooo cute?!!!

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